Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Design Wall - Ready for Butterflies and Spring

It was one of those busy weekends that doesn't seem like a weekend at all.  Of course it didn't help that we lost an hour due to the time change on Sunday morning.  I'm so not ready to go back to work this week.  After being out sick all last week, there will be a lot of catching up to do.  

Being out sick also means there is not much going on with the design wall.  I did manage to finish up the red-violet version of the Scrappy Butterfly block before succumbing to that virus last week. 

Scrappy Butterflies - Block is available in EQ 7 Block Library

It's definitely a beautifully bright butterfly.  I couldn't resist pulling out all the other butterfly blocks and putting them up on the design wall.

I'm pretty happy with my 12 scrappy butterflies, but now I'm not sure they are going work well in the setting I had worked out last year. 

I'm afraid the butterflies may be too bright for the border.  I'm pretty committed to the Irish Chain setting with the white and the light blue fabric that was also used as the background for the butterflies. I may opt for a different border, maybe just finish it off with more Irish Chain blocks.  I'll have to play around in EQ to see how that looks.  I have enough of the light blue background to be able to make that work. 

That's it for what's up on the design wall.  For more Design Wall Monday, check out the links over at Patchwork Times.  


  1. I just adore your butterflies. So bright and cheerful. I never know how border and background colors are going to work with blocks until I lay them out together. On paper, I think yours will work will together. Good luck putting out all the fires that awaited at your desk today.

  2. The butterflies are wonderful. I'm curious to see how you will finish it up.

    Hopefully you are feeling much better now.


  3. Your butterfly blocks look terrific together. I agree that the border print you were planning to use may be too pale for the bright butterflies. Maybe a brighter multi-color floral?

  4. Love the butterflies! And the setting you have picked - but you're right, the border isn't quite right. Luckily you have time to change that!

  5. I love the butterflies and the Irish Chain setting! Maybe you have another fabric in your stash that will work better with the bright in the butterflies.


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