Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stash Report - Weeks 18 and 19 of 2014

For Mom's Day my family is giving me a sewing day, which I fully intend to claim today.  My Guy just left for Montana and Drama Teen is still in bed.  So I have a couple of hours of quiet time this morning to drink my coffee and hang out with the web.  

Club volleyball is over for another year.  Drama Teen has try outs for the JV volleyball team next week.  But work outs for the high school team won't start till June and those will be during the week. So I'm hoping to have a few more weekends at home over the next few months.  It seems like we've been gone a lot lately.  

My sewing room is a lonely place, I've not been in it much this year. Drama Teen's schedule will slow down once school is out (In 10 days.  We've reached the point were she gives us an updated tally each morning).  I'm hoping the fact that I'm not running her here and there for practice will mean that I have more energy to spend in the sewing room.  

Unfortunately though I've not had the energy to climb the stairs to the sewing room, I have had the energy to push a few buttons on the computer.  There have been some really good sales lately, so I've splurged a bit on buying fabrics.  Most of it has been large cuts (4 or 5 yards) of tone on tone basics in colors the stash is lacking.  So my stash report looks pretty lop sided.  I didn't post last week, so this week's report is for the last two weeks.  

Used last 2 weeks:  0.20 yards
Added last 2 weeks: 40 yards

Used in 2014: 7.27 yards
Added in 2014: 115.05 yards

Net stashed in 2014:  107.78 yards

I'm way in the hole, but that's OK.  With the cost of fabric these days, it's hard to pass up some of the really good sales.  I've decided to consider these purchases as enhancements to my retirement stash and just quit worrying about it.  

That's it for me this week.  For more stash stories, check out Patchwork Times


Kathie said...

tone on tones are always something we need and I tend to run out of. Great you managed to get some at a good price.

One of these days DT will be driving herself to all these functions. that is a good and bad thing. When my daughter was finally able to drive herself to dance class (was 3 times a week) I suddenly had a lot more time.

DeeDee said...

All financial counselors tell us to save for retirement - and quilting is part of retirement!

Shay said...

Anything bought on sale really doesnt count !

Julie in GA said...

Buying basics for your stash is a good thing, especially when they are on sale.

Dar said...

You are wise to buy when there are good sales. It won't ever be that cheap again. The best part, it doesn't spoil either, so years from now it will still be usable in quilts, especially scrap quilts.