Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stash Report - Week 8

The car thermometer said it was 67 F yesterday on the drive to Tulsa yesterday morning.  It was really windy, but it was still nice to have a warm day.  Unfortunately, it's another volleyball weekend, so we didn't get much opportunity to be outside.  That also means that not much sewing got done either. 

Between work commitments and family stuff, not a lot time has been spent in the sewing room this last week.  So this week's stash report is pretty anemic.  

Used last week:  0.16 yards
Added last week:  7 yards

Used in 2014:  3.87 yards
Add in 2014:  33.5 yards

Net stashed for 2014:  29.63 yards

There was a butterfly print in the last Keepsake Quilting catalog that looked like it was the perfect print to use as the border for the Scrappy Butterfly quilt.  

I also added some of the bright yellow to use as an accent.

Since the scrappy butterflies are this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge project, they won't get done till the end of the year.  But the fabric wouldn't be available then and I knew I'd be sorry if it wasn't in my stash when the blocks were done.  The blue background of the butterfly print blends with the blue background fabric in the butterfly blocks, so I think it's going to make a perfect border.  

That's it for my stash report.  Check out Patchwork Times for other reports on stash management.    


Libby in TN said...

Lots of colors in the butterfly fabric to go with your scrappy blocks. Good choice.

Charlene S said...

It will work perfectly with the blocks you have shown. Great enhancement with a purpose!

DeeDee said...

Thanks for the link to the butterfly fabric. I am planning on making a butterfly quilt this year and I think it will be perfect. Thanks.

Kathie said...

Love the butterfly fabric, I don't think I could resist that either and at least it is for a purpose.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

It was warm here yesterday ... but today winter is back. Good day to stay inside and quilt, if you ask me. ha!

Love that butterfly print! Perfect for the butterfly quilt! I can't wait to see it all finished.

AnnieO said...

Very pretty butterflies! Thinking ahead is definitely a win-win:). Hope winter is over for you guys.

Shay said...

Knowing how much you love butterfly fabric I couldn't imagine you being able to leave that one in the shop. And if you already have a plan for it - its not like you really added to your total at all!

Kate said...

Love the butterflies! Definitely a great pick for the border. And the yellow is so cheerful!

Dar said...

Great butterfly fabric and especially for your RSC project. Planning ahead is a smart thing.

Lynne said...

My DD would love that butterfly fabric!