Tuesday, November 5, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - What's a Mood Board

It's a swim practice morning, which means I have to be lightening fast on the post this morning.  I had really planned on writing this last night, but My Guy had other plans for my time.  So this week, it will be short and sweet.  

It wasn't a stellar week on the stitching front, in part because I really needed to work on some photography projects that are going to be Christmas gifts this year.  So just 4 days in the sewing room this week. 

Back to Square One is moving along and so is the newest project, Jigsaw.  This week will probably be about the same, holiday stuff is going to start being a bigger part of my evening hours. 

It's a new month, that means there is a new fostering creativity theme for November.  I'd never heard of a mood board.  Have you? Wikapedia defines a mood board as a collage of sorts made up of images, text, photos, and samples of objects assembled according to the whims of the maker.  These boards are commonly used by designers to work on concepts and or communicate ideas to others.  Hmm, sounds like an interesting concept.  

More on mood boards next week.  For now link up and how much creative time you've been able to carve out for yourself.

1. Kate @ katiemaequilts

2. Julie in GA

3. Lesley A

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Shay said...

Ive heard of mood boards being made as motivation/visualisation boards as well. I like the idea but I've never made one.

Photography is still a creative pursuit so you did better than 4 out of 7!

Marti said...

Mood boards are used by decorators but I hadn't heard of quilters using them.

No quilting going on at my house in quite a while, but my husband bought me a sewing machine at a garage sale this weekend. It's a Spartan. Not the featherweight I always wanted, but looks like it might be a good machine.

thea said...

Still a pretty good week and you probably got more than 15 minutes in each time you sewed. Jigsaw is looking good!

lesleyworth said...

I'll be very interested in the conversation on mood boards. I see them on the web quite a bit...but have never really figured out how to work one into my sewing space...my board might get too cluttered!