Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Things Friday - The Things We Keep

It's Friday.  It's a good thing Favorite Things Friday is back because I'm going to need some fun stuff to carry me into this weekend.  We've got a busy weekend starting with me being a judge for the elementary division of the district Science Fair tonight, My Guy judges the junior/senior division tomorrow.  Drama Teen has a project entered, so she'll have to up and out by 7:00 AM tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night there is the school auction which means dressing up, heels and all.  Somehow back at the beginning of the school year  I decided that I needed to volunteer for auction clean up duty on Sunday.  Well at least I won't have much of a chance to get into trouble this weekend.  

OK enough whining and on to the fun, favorite stuff.  Drama Teen's school has been celebrating all week.  Each day has a different dress up theme.  DT missed the first 2 days because she was out with the flu.  But she was back for "twinkie day" and "Dress Like the 80's day".  I'd forgotten about the 80's day until we both got home Wednesday night and she was asking what was she going to wear Thursday in case we needed to make a quick trip to the Good Will store.  I really didn't want to go back out.  If I have to run errands, I prefer to do that before I get home.  Once I'm home, I really want to stay there.  Add in that it was below freezing and more than a bit breezy, I really didn't want to go back out.  So in racking my brain for what might be had at home, I remembered stashing a few beloved T-shirts from college in the cedar chest a number of years back. 

So we both start de-cluttering the top of the cedar chest (Which My Guy apparently uses as a secondary closet, I found all of the new slacks and shirts he got for Christmas piled under his discarded sweaters?).  Once we got the top opened, we had to dig through DTs entire school art portfolio (She was heard to say several times, "Mom, I can't believe you kept that!").  By this point I'm starting to wonder if maybe my memory wasn't what I thought it was, but after digging out a few of my school scrap books, we hit the mother load. 

I don't remember the last time I pulled those T-shirts out and looked at what was stashed there.  There were several shirts from my sorority days and then there was this one.  

DT was gracious enough to actually model the shirt.  I do remember this shirt, it's from the taco place I worked at when I was in high school and college.  I'm not entirely sure why this one was worth preserving  I believe it was given to me as an employee of the month thing.  There is also a vague memory of wearing this shirt and being photographed with a fellow employee (also female) for an add for the local paper. Or maybe it was for the high school newspaper?

Then we unfolded this one.

It's my senior class T-shirt from high school.  To be honest, I have very vague memories of wearing this shirt (high school was a long time ago).  It doesn't show a lot of wear, so maybe I didn't wear it much. This is the one she picked to wear yesterday.  She told me last night that she told all her teachers that it was a vintage T-shirt.  Well at least she didn't call it an old T-shirt.  

I really thought that I'd kept my French Club t-shirt (not that I could read what it said now).  I just remember loving that particular shirt. It's possible it's still there buried under some college scrap books that we didn't haul out.  

It was a fun half hour digging through the layers in that cedar chest. Both DT and I had a good laugh.  Probably the best part was that she actually thought the T-shirts were cool and has actually appropriated that first T-shirt to wear around the house.  I guess that's why we set aside these random items, so you have something for your kids to wear when they have dress up days at school.  Had I known, I'd need that type of stuff, maybe I'd have kept more.  

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Paulette said...

She looks adorable in both of them! I would have kept the Wild/Mild shirt just for the great colors.

seabreezequilts said...

I don't think I kept any clothes from the 80's it was all big jackets with huge shoulder pads I didn't go to Uni so no cool tshirts are in my closet just business clothes which were majorly ugly back then. Great FTF its good to think the DT thinks you might have been cool.

seabreezequilts said...
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Lynne said...

What a fun exercise!

Good luck with the science fair, DT.

Have a great weekend at science fairs, auction and clean up!

Shay said...

I love this post. I dont have anything like that from that long ago and I think it's so cool that you do!

DT looks fabulous in her "retro" clothes.

Do you have enough to make a T-shirt quilt? That's what I'd be doing!

Kate said...

Vintage is cool! Good for you, Mom, to keep this stuff around for when DT might need it. And glad she's feeling better!

thea said...

Nice that DT appreciated your "vintage" clothing. I don't know what I've kept. Maybe the next time we go through the attic, I'll find some stuff I've saved... great post!

Kathleen said...

Great find. Wish I had kept some of my things. Sorry it is so cold there. You can come here and visit me! It is probably around 78 out side. XX Kathleen (ps, I live in Australia)

Barbara said...

I absolutely love the seniors t-shirt!

Kevin the Quilter said...

That is so awesome! You have made me want to go through some of my old HS and college, if I can only climb the mountain of clutter I know it is under in the basement........:-/

AnnieO said...

What a cutie she is growing up to be! I remember being tall and skinny and totally clutzy at 14--DT looks pretty self-assured there in your vintage Tees :) Great FF