Friday, September 26, 2014

A Much Needed Mental Health Day

August and September have been stressful months around the Life in Pieces homestead.  Things are starting to calm down a bit, though we are far from being back to what passes for normal around here.  Our work schedule allows us to take one day of our choosing off each month.  I've got a lot that needs doing at work, but My Guy suggested that I was probably in need of a sanity day.  If he's suggesting I need one that means it's probably past time.  So I'm home today with plans to do nothing but putter in the sewing room and hang out on line for a bit.  So that's my something to "whoop, whoop" over. 

The other "whoop, whoop" worthy item is that the sewing room has been cleaned up (I even dusted the blades on the ceiling fan).  The roof damage incurred in a storm just after Labor Day weekend required me to move a bunch of stuff out of the sewing room (that post is here).  So it just made sense to do a bit of deep cleaning and rearranging before I moved it all back.  So I'll get to spend my mental health day working in almost spotless conditions.  Since those conditions aren't likely to survive the day, I wanted to show off the space before it started to look more lived in.  

You enter the sewing room from the east, the design wall is set up across from the door on the west wall.  The door to the left of design wall is the closet.  It didn't get included in the clean up, that's a project for another time.  Scrappy Stars is still up on the design wall waiting for me to measure for the first horizontal borders.  

Along the north wall is the shelving that holds all my WIPs and in use fabrics as well as the TV.  The file cabinet holds fat quarters.  Next to it is my computer desk.  There is a little nook to the left of the computer desk, the books cases contain a mix of books from my fiction authors and notebooks filled with quilt patterns. 

The east wall has the door to the sewing room (left) and door on the right leads to Drama Teen's bathroom (the door is closed for good reason).  The bookcase has my quilting book collection.  

The cutting table and smaller second design wall are set up along the south wall.  Hopefully by the end of today there will be something up on the second design wall. The tubs hold fabric that needs to be washed, pressed and put away.  I'll get to that at some point, that's a project for another weekend.  

The sewing machine is in the middle of the room facing the north wall. The desk is one we picked up from Ikea when we lived near Houston, TX.  I had planned to finish it, but it works just fine unfinished.   

It's nice coming to work in a clean space.  Hopefully I can get all the borders on Scrappy Stars today and get caught up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I haven't even had time to get all my red scraps from July put away.  That will have to happen today so I have some place to put all my orange scraps.  

Have a lovely weekend.  I hope you have your own "whoop, whoop" moment today.  You can see more Friday celebrations over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  


  1. your scrappy stars top is looking amazing! enjoy your day!

  2. I love working Ina clean space. Yours looks great!

  3. I think we all need a mental health day every now and then. You’ve had a challenging couple of months and down time was certainly warranted.

    Congrats on the clean up – it looks great ...I always feel more creative when I know where everything is !

    BIG whoop whoop from me. :)

  4. Mental health days spent in a sewing room are the best!

  5. Great room for creating. Your quilt is looking gorgeous!

  6. So happy you had an entire day to "nest" in your studio! So rejuvenating huh! I totally agree with ya on cleaning it all while everything is out. We are remodeling my basement studio space...all the way down to cleaning the carpets...OH MY but forgot about the ceiling fans! LOL! Thanks for sharing your clean studio...ya gave me some ideas as I put mine back together.

  7. Wow! What a great space. I must show my new "studio/family room" one day!


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