Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Starting Green

This week seemed to go on forever.  My Guy woke up Wednesday thinking it was Saturday.  In part it's been that Drama Teen is home since school is out. Plus with the holiday weekend a lot of people took off the last part of the week, so it was almost like a ghost town, especially on Friday.  I had meetings that couldn't be moved, so no early holiday for me.  

I've had time to stitch most evenings this week so you'd think I'd have something to show for it.  Those Vintage Dress blocks take a while to assemble. I tried to get one finished up last night, but we had plans.  All I have to show this week is the fabric selections for the green dresses.

Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

The bright green on the left is working up nicely.  It's going to be a very bright dress.  I haven't started on the gingham dress yet.  I decided you really couldn't have a vintage dress quilt without at least one gingham dress.  Hopefully it will make up as pretty as the previous dresses have been. 

For those in the US, enjoy your holiday weekend.  We have no plans for the weekend.  Just going to catch up on stuff around the house and hopefully get some stitching done.  Though I'm pretty sure there will be a trip to Tulsa in there somewhere.  

Now it's time for a second cup of coffee and a peak at all other green scrappy blocks over at Soscrappy.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WIPs: Progress and a Plan

It's the rainy season in Oklahoma.  We lucked out last night and all the nasty storms went south of us.  But we got hit with a doosy of a pop up thunderstorm just a bit ago.  The lighting and thunder were impressive.  According to the forecast, it's going to be intermittently stormy all day.  Today is also Drama Teen's last day of school before summer break.  After today, she'll be a senior in high school.  Wow, where did all those years go?   She'll be playing host to 3 other girls this afternoon for her annual "Last Day of School Watch TV and Veg" party.  Which means I'll be spending most of my evening in the sewing room.  Works for me. 

I've been in the sewing room most nights the last week so you'd think I'd have gotten more done on the Zombies quilt, but I only added one block to the collection up on the design wall. 

Zombies in Paris, self designed

The seam ripper spent a lot of time with that black and pink block, the framing strips got added in the wrong spots so they had to come off and be restitched in the right positions.  But there are two more blocks under construction at the sewing machine, so there will much more progress this week.   

Well maybe not.  Lea over Podunk Pretties has a sew along and linky party to go along with her latest tutorial, Back Porch Blooms.  I've been slowly re-organizing the sewing closet and last weekend came across a stash of red and blue 1930 reproduction fabrics bought many years ago for a BOM.  They'd be perfect for a project using that block.  This project is not on my 2016 Quilt Plan, but oh it's so tempting.  I gave in to temptation just enough to do some mock ups in EQ.  There's a very red version:

Flower Blocks are Back Porch Blooms by Lea Anne Brummett of Podunk Pretties
Quilt setting is self designed. 

And a very blue version:

Flower Blocks are Back Porch Blooms by Lea Anne Brummett of Podunk Pretties
Quilt setting is self designed. 

Lea showed off her butterfly blocks yesterday and I knew if I figured out how to add a few to my project, I'd be a goner.  So since we have a 3 day weekend and Allietare should make it to a finished flimsy stage before them, I'm going to dig out all the 1930 yardage and scraps to make one these quilts.  I'm leaning towards the blue one, but I have more red yardage.  Decisions, decisions!  

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Stitching - A Border Shy

It was a nice relaxing weekend. Some housework got done and the laundry was tamed a bit.  But the best part was the time spent in the sewing room.  Progress was made on several projects.  Unfortunately,  the seam ripper made a few appearances over the course of the weekend.  So there wasn't as much progress as there could of been. I had hoped to have Allietare to the finished flimsy stage, but stopped a couple of borders shy.  I always underestimate how long it takes to add borders.  

 Allietare,  Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery Quilt

My border choices were a little limited, there wasn't enough of the red left for the narrow border and not enough of the dark blue for the outer border.  I had planned at the beginning to use the black as the border, but scratched that idea once the top was all assembled. All that's left is the top and bottom border.  I should get those added this week.  

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stash Management - Week 21 of 2016

It's been a nice weekend so far.  Still have some house cleaning to do this morning.  Drama Teen is having her annual last day of school "veg out in front of the TV" party for her friends on Wednesday.  They have finals the last three days, with calculus and chemistry on the last day.  We're likely to come home and find all 4 or 5 of them out cold.  But before then, the living room needs some attention.  Mount Laundry still needs to be conquered.  It won't get conquered, but I'll probably get a good bit of it scaled down before I go sew for a bit this afternoon.  

It was a really good week for spending time in the sewing room.  This year I've been trying to get in at least 15 minutes of stitching every day.  I achieved that goal this week. 

Days with 15 minutes of stitching time this week:  6 days
Days in May:  18 out of 21 days
Days this year:  117 out of 14

With all the time in the sewing room you'd think there would be more fabric out the door, but most of what I'm working on is small blocks.  They don't add up very quickly. 

Used last week:  1.04 yards
Used year to date: 26.67 yards
Purchased year to date:  25.75 yards
Net used for 2016:  0.92 yards 

At least I'm back in the black after being in the red last week.  

I've been slowly reorganizing the fabric closet.  In that process, I came across my stash of 1930 reproduction fabrics that was acquired as part of a BOM back in 2007.  I way over bought for that project.  I've made one other quilt from that stash and still have a bunch of yardage left even after finishing those two quilts. 

In addition to all this yardage, there are lots of fat quarters still hanging around as well.  

Where am I going with this?   I'm trying to come up with a justification to deviate from my quilt plan.  Lea Anne, who blogs at Podunk Pretties, posted a tutorial the other day called Back Porch Blooms.  I've long admired Lea Anne's bright, beautiful quilts and this block is no exception. She's going to share three projects based on the block.  But she's also supportive of seeing what you do with the block.  This is just too much temptation and I have fabric that really needs to be moved out of the fabric closet.  So I've got a plan drafted in EQ and hope to make a start on it this week.  Hopefully with a holiday weekend next week I can get enough done to have something to show on her linky party planned for June 6th.  

That's it for me this week.  You can find more tales of stash management over at Patchwork Times.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Ready to Play with Green

We were all ready to see Friday evening come around.  It's been one of those long weeks, but considering how a few things might of worked out, it wasn't a bad week.  Looking back it's kinda funny now.  It involved a trip to the dermatologist for me to remove a spot from my leg that thankfully ended up not being skin cancer.  My guy didn't want me driving afterwards since we weren't sure how invasive the procedure was going to be, he dropped me off and Drama Teen was going to pick me up on her way home from the gym.  The timing on this worked out really well.  But when I texted DT that I was done, this is the text I got back.

We suspect someone either let the air out of her tire or she ran over something in the parking lot at school.  Turns out her best friend that always parks next to her, had an almost flat tire by the time she got home that night.  The tire looks so bad because DT drove on it while it was flat.  My Guy was absolutely incredulous that she didn't notice anything while she was driving.  Of course she was in town, driving at low speeds as most of the drive to the gym means she's driving in school zones.  This could have been really bad had she been on the highway on her way home after school.  It was definitely a teachable moment on a lot of fronts.  Thankfully the tire place in town is only a couple of blocks from where the car was parked.  But DT was without a car for a day since they were closing when we got it there.  

Thankfully there's been no drama in the sewing room.  I got a lot done this week.  The second orange dress is done.  

 Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

This one is definitely a summer dress, something to wear to a picnic.  Your date definitely wouldn't loose you in a crowd if you were wearing this dress.  But I like it, it's definitely bright and fun.  

So both orange dresses are done.

 Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

One dress shows off the yellow oranges and the other the red oranges. These two bring the total of finished blocks up to 8.  I couldn't resist putting all the completed dresses up on the design wall. 

 Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

I'll definitely need to add a couple of lighter dresses, but I think the darker end is pretty well covered.  This has been such a fun project.  My paper piecing skills have greatly improved over the last 5 months.  Now to go pick out the fabrics for this month's green dresses.  Maybe I'll actually get those done before June gets here.   

I'm linking up with Angela over at Soscrappy for this Saturday's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the green blocks everyone else has finished this week.