Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Stitching: June's One Monthly Goal and Other Progress

Not sure I'm ready for the work week yet, but it was nice to get a day in the sewing room.  Even better the new washer showed up on Friday, saving me from another trip to the laundromat.  So it was a very nice and relaxing Sunday.  

Lots going on in the sewing room this weekend.  First off the June One Monthly Goal is finished.  

The goal for June was to get the borders on Blooms and Butterflies, then make a back, prep both for quilting, then package them up to ship out for quilting.  Done, done, done and done.

That plaid fabric in the backing has been in the stash for about 10 years.  It's nice to finally move it out of the stash closet.  So I'm 6 for 6 on this year's One Monthly Goal.  All the prep work was done last weekend, but with the crazy stuff going on at work, it just didn't get posted last week.  You can find more monthly achievements over at Elm Street Quilts

With Blooms off the design wall, there was room to start laying out the blocks for this month's UFO project.  

 It took most of Saturday evening to fussy cut the angels for the center of the blocks.  Block construction didn't get started until Sunday.  Christmas Angels probably won't make it to the finished flimsy stage by the end of the month, but it's definitely further along then when it came out of the project box.  

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stash Stuff - Week 25 of 2017

It's a beautiful Sunday morning.  I'm looking forward to my solo retreat day in the sewing room.  The last report for work was finished up at 6 PM last night.  I'm am so ready to do something besides review data and write up reports!  It's been quite a week.  The new position, coupled with having to finish up the stuff for the old position has been all consuming.  After spending hours on the computer at work,  spending any time on my home computer was just not something I wanted to do.  I'm way behind on personal emails and blog reading.  I'll do a bit of catch up today, but my main goal is to spend some serious time in my sewing room recovering from the insanity of the last couple of work weeks.  

I only managed to make it to the sewing room 2 days out of the last seven.  I got in a bit of time last Sunday and then treated myself to a couple of hours last night since the reports were all done. That dropped my average success rate in finding time to stitch from 95% to 91%.  A bit disappointing, but sometimes that's just the way things work.   Needless to say the say the stash report is pretty anemic this week. 

Used last week:  0.1 yard
Used year to date:  38.38 yards
Added year to date: 215.55 yards
Net added year to date:  177.17 yards

At least I was too busy to look at any of the fabric adds or stop by the quilt shop, so the net added went down rather than going up.  

The plan for today is to finish the label for the Meadow Mist Mystery quilt, so that maybe it can join the finished list before the end of the month.  Then I'm hoping to just play with whatever else looks good.  

We had rain last weekend, which made my roses happy. 

They make quite a show outside the dining room window.  

That's it for this week.  I'm looking forward to a much quieter and hopefully less frantically paced work week.  Linking up with quiltpaintcreate for the weekly stash report.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 24 of 2017

It's a stormy Sunday morning here in northern Oklahoma.  Lots of lightening and thunder, very impressive stuff.  It's been a frustrating weekend.  The washer shopping didn't go very well.  The local big box store doesn't have any of the models we want in stock.  Two to three weeks to get one on order.  We do have one small appliance store in town, we'd never been there.  They have one I like, lower price than the big box store, but he sold the last one he had in the stock.  He supposed to get more this week.  Fingers crossed that I have a new washer before next weekend.

It wasn't a totally desolate week in terms of finding time to sew.  I did manage 5 out of 7 days to find 15 minutes to stitch.  But most days this week it really was just 15 minutes.  I did take Friday evening off from the report writing.  You can only stare at a computer screen for so long.  And I got in a bit of sewing last night after dinner.  I finished piecing the back for Blooms and Butterflies, so there's a bit of stash going out this week. 

Used last week:  2.67 yards
Used year to date:  38.28 yards
Added year to date:  215.55 yards
Net added year to date:  177.27 yards

At least being busy with work stuff keeps me from clicking on any of those quilt shop adds that show up in the email.  There was nothing in this week for a change. 

The "must do immediately stuff" should be finished by Friday.  My plan is to indulge in a sanity replenishing solo sewing retreat day next weekend.  I'll be more than ready for one by then.  

I did get in a couple of walks in this week hoping to avoid the typical shoulder and back problems that occur when sitting at the computer for long periods of time.  The Black Eyed Susans are blooming.  Aren't they pretty?

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge: Just a Spot of Yellow

June is turning out to be one of those months.  If you've come for the quilty stuff, skip down to the picture.  I'm pretty sure the next little bit is going to have the tone of a rant. 

I've been AWOL from my home computer, so I'm way behind on returning emails and reading blogs.  Unfortunately that's not going to change for probably another week.  So my apologies on that, I miss seeing all the fun stuff everyone is doing, though at this point it would feel a bit like salt in the wound since I can't play right now.  Getting the old job wrapped up and working at the new has been a challenge.  I've been working some long hours since last weekend.  Work is pretty much the agenda for this weekend as well.  But I'm hopeful that by pushing hard this week, I'll at least not be bringing work home each evening the following week.  

To top off this less than pleasant week was the pronouncement by the washer repair guy that it wasn't the door sensor, it's the control boards and the pump.  So after two weeks of trying to get the repair guy to order the part and then back over here, we're going to have to get a new washer.  Found that out yesterday, so this afternoon I'll take a break from all the report writing to go get a washer.  But the way things work here, the washer won't get delivered till next week, if we are lucky.  So that means a trip to the laundromat again this morning.  

Sorry, I needed to vent.  Thank you for letting me.  Now on to just a little bit of fun stuff.

I did finish two sets of half fans this week.  That's about all the sewing time I've had.  I need 12 halves, so 8 more to make, then I need 6 full sized yellow blocks.  I believe someone last week was lamenting that finding dark and light yellow was a challenge.  It certainly is.  My yellow scrap stash is pretty big and I barely eeked out enough for all planned blocks.  I forgot to take a picture of my two piles of fabric.  It's just been that kind of week. 

You can find more sunny yellows over at Soscrappy and at Oh Scrap on Sunday.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Bordering Blooms

I suspect this will be another fast and furious week. We've had a few of those lately.  Lots going on since Drama Teen's graduation.  The unexpected changes at work are going to make this week challenging.  I'll probably just manage to get in 15 minutes of stitching each day.  Hopefully that will be enough to maintain my sanity through all the transitions that have to happen. 

I did get some significant sewing room time on Saturday.  Blooms and Butterflies is now a finished flimsy.

 Blooms and Butterflies
Bloom block by Lea Brummett, setting by Kate
I'm happy with how this quilt turned out.  It's going to be my new cuddle quilt for the recliner.  The back will have to be pieced.  The fabrics for the back have been selected. Hopefully the back will get pieced sometime this week.  My June One Monthly Goal is to get this quilt ready to send out for quilting.  

I'm hoping that the work stuff that has to get done is finished by Friday. Then I can take that solo sewing retreat day I'm dreaming of next weekend.  

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