Saturday, December 31, 2022

Week 54 Photo Challenge: Dessert

Happy last day of 2022!  Hard to believe another year is gone.  They seem to go by faster the older I get.  We have no special plans for tonight. Grad Girl has a sleep over planned with her high school friends, so we'll be cat sitting. Considering how moody Queenie gets when her person is not in the house, it may be a long night. 

This week's photo challenge card was chosen by Grad Girl.

With the holiday, there were lots of baked goods to choose from for this challenge, so Grad Girl chose well. I went simple for my photo. 

Kate: Cookies for Santa


We don't do the cookies for Santa anymore as we don't have any littles in the family at the moment, but this is what this year's offering would have looked like.  These are My Guy's snickerdoodle cookies, they are one of my favorites.  After the huge Christmas dinner we had, these were all the sweet I had room for. 

My Guy did a lot of a baking for the holiday, including a sweet bread. 

My Guy: Amaretto Almond

He made two loafs of his amaretto almond sweet bread. All of one loaf and most of the second were gone before the end of the holiday.  

Grad Girl chose her photo from one of our traditions that happened after Christmas. 

Grad Girl: Chocolate and Sprinkles

Oklahoma City is one of the few places we can get Krispy Creme donuts, so we always find one morning while we are there to have a breakfast of coffee and donuts.  

I want to add an honorable mention this week. All three of us have a version of this photo on our phones and it's just too fun not to share. 

Honorable Mention: Murdered Snowman Cake

This was dessert for lunch at one of our favorite cafes in OKC. It was My Guy who first made the observation about "blood drops" on the plate. We had quite a laugh over our murdered snowman cake. 

Grad Girl drew the new photo card for this week. She made up for drawing such a timely one last week. 

This one could be a real challenge considering it's the first week of January.  It will be interesting to see what we all come up with for next week's post.  

Have a very Happy New Year!  

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Best of Life In Pieces for 2022

Just a few more days left of 2022.  I'm ready for a new year, 2022 wasn't one of my better years on several fronts.  I'm hopeful that 2023 will be happier and more productive than this year has been.  Maybe this year more than past years,  it's important to look back at what did go well. Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is encouraging us to look at the Best of 2022.  

Here's my best of list for 2022 for Life in Pieces. 

1. Most Views (368): Still Mostly Here

I took an unannounced break from blogging from early June to late  September this year.  This post was written in response to the many emails in June/July asking how things were going on my end. Thank you to everyone who reached out.  It wasn't a good time for me and I'm not sure I would have have come back to blogging without your encouragement. 

2. Most Comments (22): First Finish of 2022   

Cabins and Fans (Fluorescence) was one of only two finishes for 2022.  The quilt started as my 2017 Rainbow Scrap Project and the setting is self designed.  It's one of my favorite finished quilts.  

3. Most Link Ups for 15 Minutes to Stitch (19 - Weeks 2, 6, 18)

All three weeks had 19 link ups, which is better than the max link ups in 2021 by one.  The average number of link ups for 2022 was 13, which is the same as 2021.  I really appreciate all bloggers who came back to link up after 4 months of hiatus. Thank you!  

4. Most Fun Finish: Finishing Potions

Potions (Reactive Intermediates) was made specifically for Grad Girl's undergraduate research advisor.  I will admit piecing those flasks gave me a few fits, but it was such a fun project to work on. The filling solutions were all pulled from my scrap bins. I had such a good time deciding on the colors and fabrics. 

5. My Favorite Family Photo Challenge Post: Week 34 - A Panorama

It's hard to pick a favorite set of photos from the challenge, but the panorama shots are some of my most favorite from this year.  It's been such a fun family activity because Grad Girl can still participate from college.  It's been interesting to see how we each interpret the prompt each week.  We still have 3 to 4 months of cards left in the deck.  My Guy got a new deck of photo cards for Christmas, so the challenge will continue once this deck is gone.  

That's my Best of Life in Pieces for 2022.  It was a year of real highs and lows for me, I'm hoping that 2023 is more of the highs and a lot less of the lows.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2023 Quilting Ambitions

With just three more days in 2022, it seems like a good time to set my ambitions for the new year.  Plus it's time for Quilting JetGirl's 2023 Planning Party

I usually review quilting accomplishments after the year ends, so I'm going to jump right into my ambitions for 2023. 

Ambition #1.  Finish some quilts, make progress on some quilts, and start some quilts.  

The last couple of years I've focused almost 100% on my UFO list. That hasn't produced the best results. The plan for this year is to focus on finishing off the 2021 and 2022 mystery quilts first. I've also picked three UFO's to make progress on, but not necessarily finish. The plan includes 4 new quilts for 2023.   

My goal is to finish some old stuff, but play with some new stuff too. My new project diet the last few years just hasn't been a lot of fun and may be one reason why my enthusiasm for the quilting room took a nose dive earlier this year.  Looking back I finish more when I have more new projects on the list. We'll see if this approach leads to more finishes or if it just ups the UFO count by the end of the year. 

Ambition #2.  Acquire a new skill.  Now that I'm retired, I'm hoping I have the time to quilt my own projects.  Plus with the reduced budget that comes with retiring, it will be more cost effective. I probably won't quilt all my projects, but will be more selective as to what goes out and what I keep to do myself.  But first I need to learn how. I'm not sure if I'm going to try for a quilt as you go for my first effort or if I'll jump right in on one of my throw sized UFO's.  I'll decide that later. 

Ambition #3. Continue to strive to stitch on something for at least 15 minutes per day and keep up the associated linky party.  I designed a new button for 2023. 

I'm hoping to do much better on keeping up with my stitching time next year, my goal is to stitch 15 minutes a day at least 75% of the year. 

Ambition 4.  I really need to do a good sewing room clean up, which means getting control of my stash.  My plan for 2023 is to press, cut and sort my scraps. 

I don't have as much as many do, but some of the scraps have been sitting in the bags for 16 years.  

I also want to organize my yardage.  I've been building my retirement stash for years, but a lot of it is in plastic bins that I can't see. Getting it all sorted and into the stash closet would really improve my ability to select fabrics for new projects. 

There is no stash usage goal for 2023. I long ago learned that it's just not a meaningful metric for me.  Maybe that will change this year, I've been tracking my usage for years, it's just never that impressive.  

Those are my main ambitions for 2023.  My work status isn't completely resolved. Right now I'm thinking my retirement is permanent, but things could change on that front. Even if I do go back to work, all the ambitions should be doable. Though my motivation to learn to quilt could be lessened a bit with less available time and a higher budget.  

Linking up with Quilting Jetgirl for the 2023 Planning Party.  Good luck with all your ambitions and goals for the new year. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/27/2022

Hard to believe this will be the last To Do Tuesday for the year.  In addition to saying goodbye to 2022 later this week, we'll also be saying goodbye to Linda of Texas Quilt Gal who has has been our hostess for this weekly linky party since 2021.  Thank you Linda for getting the party started each week.  

My sewing time during the lead up to Christmas varies widely depending upon how much holiday stuff I got done prior to that week.  Consequently, I kept my To Do List for this week really simple. 

Weekly To Do List for 12/20/2022

1.  Butterfly Medallion Quilt: Finish butterfly #5 - progress

I didn't finish the butterfly, but I made good progress with the hand stitching the last couple of days. So though it's not a check mark, any progress is a success in my book. 

Grad Girl will be around for one more week. I'm hoping we'll have some time to hang out in the sewing room so I can make some progress on my current mystery projects.  Here's this week's To Do List. 

Weekly To Do List for 12/27/2022

1.  Melodic Mystery: Finish Nov. clue, work on Dec. clue

2.  Chilhowie Mystery: Work on clues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

3.  Rhododendron Mystery: Work on block B as leaders and enders

First thing to do this week will be to press this pile of stitched subunits and hopefully get started on the next pile. 

4.  Write post for 2023 Planning Party

I've pretty much worked out my ambitions for 2023, I just need to write the blog post and link it up over at Quilting Jetgirl's blog.  

5. Write post for Best of 2022 Linky Party

This linky party opened yesterday over at Meadow Mist Designs.  
I've got my top 5 "Best of" items worked out, I just need to get them into a post.  

So that's my list for this week.  Next week the new hostess for To Do Tuesday will be at Carol's Quilt Schmidt - For the Love of Fabric blog.  Hope to see your completed to do list posted there next week.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Not Much on the Stitching Front

Happy 2nd day of Christmas. That's the way My Guy greeted me this morning.  My family does our big celebration on Christmas Eve, that allows all of us married people the opportunity to spend Christmas day with the our in-law side of the family. There's a longer story to why it works that way, but we'll leave that for another time.  We don't do a big celebration with My Guy's family since his mother passed, so we just pretty much just vegged out on Christmas Day. It was nice. I actually had the time and inclination to pull out my handwork and take a few stitches. 

I've finished the upper part of the second wing and just need to finish the outline stitching before I move the hoop so I can finish the lower wing.  So not bad progress for just a bit of handwork.  That's all I have on the stitching front as there hasn't been the opportunity to get back into the sewing room.

I don't have many photos to show off from the holiday. I always forget to get pictures as we get so busy with the gift giving.  I did capture one of my brother's cat, Buddy, who wandered into the aftermath trying to settle into his normal sleeping spot.  

Unfortunately we hadn't gotten all the discarded wrapping paper picked up and he finally just plopped down into the middle of the crinkly stuff.  Later he moved to the back of the couch and pretty much passed out while we were cleaning up. 

Grad Girl has been enjoying one of the video games she got for Christmas, while in bed and watching TV.  The ultimate relaxation after finals.  Queenie hasn't moved to far from her side. She made the trip OK, but didn't really like sharing the holiday with another cat.  Buddy was smart enough to just give her a wide berth. They did fine as long as they weren't in the same room. 

I'm hoping to get back to the sewing room tomorrow. Once I've made a first pass at laundry.  Hopefully I'll have more to post about the first Monday of 2023.  

Linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for the Monday Design Wall linky party. 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Stitching Stuff: Week 50 of 2022

Merry Christmas!  We had our family celebration with dinner and gifts last night.  Church is the first thing on our agenda this morning.  Afterwards we'll spend the afternoon hanging out with family and eating all the desserts we were too full to eat last night.  

It's Sunday, so it's time to take stock of the time spent with needle and thread for the week.  

Getting ready for the holiday and family gatherings took a lot of time this week, so there wasn't much stitching going on and my metrics show that. 

  • 15 minute days/week = 1/7days
  • 15 minute days/Dec = 13/24 days
  • 15 minute days/2022 = 195/358 days
  • Success rate = 54.47%
So not the best week on the stitching front.  Things will slow down now that the holiday is over.  Hopefully, Grad Girl and I will have some time to just sit and stitch a few times this next week before she has to head back to school.  

How did you do this week?  Did the holiday prep trip you up or were you a much better time manager than I was?  

1. Donnaleeq
2. Gretchen
3. Andre at Quilting and Learning
4. Michelle
5. Melisa- Pinker n' Punkin Quilting
6. Carol Andrews
7. Quilting Gail

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Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Week 53 Photo Challenge: Something from a Thrift Shop

Merry Christmas Eve!  It's been a wild week and for many will be an even wilder weekend.  Not just with the holiday, but due to the weather.  We'll not quite reach the freezing point today temperature wise.  The low was 0 F here on Thursday with impressively high winds.  There was some snow, but nothing like it snowed up north.  I'm hoping everyone is tucked up in a safe, dry and warm spot for the holiday.  Grad Girl got here Wednesday, so just missed the winter storm.  I know there are many that will have to modify or completely miss their holiday plans, hopefully your family isn't one of those.  

Since My Guy is finishing up his holiday baking this morning, I have time to put together this week's photo challenge post. The subject for this week was:

My Guy and I didn't have anything we could identify as having a thrift shop in it's provenance.  So we made an expedition to the local Goodwill shop to see what we could come up with that was photo worthy.  It was an interesting trip and we both come home with objects to play with.  

Both My Guy and I came home very different items, but the window dressing follows a very similar theme.  

Kate: A Bit of Sparkle and Gold

The bowl with the gold dots was my thrift shop find (only $0.99).  The sparkle is courtesy of Hobby Lobby's 70% off Christmas sale.  The combination makes a nice bit of holiday d├ęcor.  

My Guy went in a similar direction with his thrift find.  

My Guy: Deconstructed Christmas Tree

His thrift find was this $2 pitcher which with a bit of holiday decoration becomes a very nice center piece for the dining room table.  

Grad Girl went in a completely different direction.  As poor college students, she and her undergraduate roommate regularly explored the thrift shops as ways to update their closets.  

Grad Girl: Something Old, Something New

During a trip to Dallas she found this really cute vintage silk shirt, but it had missing buttons. A trip to Hobby Lobby and a quick lesson on attaching buttons provided Grad Girl had a new addition to her wardrobe. 

That's the photos from last week. Grad Girl picked the new photo card for this week. 

Our Christmas celebration will be this evening. Both My Guy and Grad Girl have been baking bread and desserts for our big meal, so there will be lots of yummy desserts to photograph. We just have to remember to get photos before they get eaten!

Have a very Merry Christmas.  The stitching stuff post should go up in the morning according to normal schedule. It will stay open till next Thursday. So if you are too busy to post tomorrow, you can come back and post later in the week once your holiday fun hang over is better.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/20/2022

My Guy and I did our last shopping expedition for stocking stuffers yesterday.  We both need to finish wrapping gifts today.  My Guy has a full day of holiday baking planned for today.  For me it's finishing off Christmas cards and laundry. Family holiday stuff starts off tomorrow as Grad Girl will be home. So it will be a busy count down to the holiday.  Even with all the holiday to dos this week, I did well on checking off the items on last week's stitching to do list. 

To Do List for 12/13/22

1. Melodic Mystery: Work on Nov and Dec clues ✔

2. Chilhowie Mystery: Work on clues 1, 2, 3, and 4 

3. Rhododendron Mystery: Make block B as leader and ender 

Three for three is a good week. It does help that I'm not making my weekly to do very challenging, pretty much any progress counts as a check mark. This week's to do will be even easier.  

To Do List for 12/20/22

1. Butterfly Medallion: Finish butterfly #5


Since we'll have so much family stuff going on, getting to my sewing room is going to be hard, but I can usually find the time to sit and embroider while we are visiting.  Grad Girl has a few Christmas gifts she needs to finish the embroidery on, so I'm sure we'll have a couple of sit down and gab while embroidering sessions before the holiday gets here.  

That's all I'm going to plan for this week. My full list will be back next week as I'm hoping to get caught up on all the mystery quilt alongs before we start 2023. 

Thank you Linda of Texas Quilt Gal for hosting To Do Tuesday.  She's hosting one more linky party and then handing the reins over to Carol of the Quilt Schmidt -For the Love of Fabric blog for 2023.  Thank you Carol for taking over.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Not Much on the Design Wall

It was a stay at home and not do much kind of weekend. The wind was so cold, so it wasn't a hardship to just stay home.  I'm not looking forward to next weekend, the forecast is for really cold temperatures.  I know we won't be as cold as those of you to the north, but -7 F is cold no matter where you live!  

The sewing room has seen a fair amount of activity, but there's not really much to show. I've mostly been working on the Meadow Mist Designs and Bonny Hunter mysteries, so most of what's going on at the sewing machine is small subunits. 

This is what the pile of bits and pieces looked like after my last chain piecing session.  The orange bits and strip pieces are for Chilhowie, the pink bits are for Melodic and the purple/white block on the bottom is for Rhododendron. 

The only thing I have up on the design wall is the blocks for the Melodic Mysteries December clue. 


I finished all the quarter blocks, but am still working on the flower blocks.  I'm hoping to be caught up on all the clues when the January clue comes out in a couple of weeks.  The rest of my design walls are empty.  Once we start making blocks out for the Chilhowie mystery, there will be more to look at.  

Linking up with the Monday Design Wall and Patchwork & Quilts linky parties this week.  Enjoy your holiday preparations and family time this week. 

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Stitching Stuff: Week 49 of 2022

Holiday preparations were front and center this week.  I made the trip to my mother's to deliver all the family gifts, which meant they all had to be wrapped and such.  I stayed a couple of days to visit with my Mom and sister.  It was a good visit, but it did impact my stitching time this week. 

  • 15 minute days/week = 5/7 days
  • 15 minute days/December = 12/17 days
  • 15 minute days/2022 = 194/351 days
  • Success rate = 55.27% 
Not a perfect week, but definitely not a bad week.  Sewing room time will be rough to find this week since we have a lot of family stuff scheduled for the time around Christmas.  I'm hoping to fit in some handwork during all the holiday visiting. 

Before getting to this week's linky party, there's a photo I'd like to share.  My Guy and I saw this during one of our shopping expeditions this week. 

Not your typical Christmas decoration. Or maybe they just never got around to removing their Halloween decorations?  

How did you do this week at finding time to stitch at least a bit?

1. Gretchen
2. Julie in GA
3. maggie f
4. Michelle
5. Another Stitching Nana
6. Karen
7. Frederique
8. DonnaleeQ
9. Amanda
10. Quilting Gail
11. Carol Andrews

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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Week 52 Photo Challenge: Something Hidden

The number of days till Christmas are getting few.  I'm mostly done with my shopping. The plan today is to wrap My Guy and Grad Girls gifts, plus the odds and ends I picked up for a couple of other family members.  But before I get busy on that task, I should post the results of this week's photo challenge.  

I think we all scratched our heads on this one. This one was really hard for me, I had no idea what to photograph. The box from my office was in the way yesterday while I was looking for something else.  Maybe there was something in it that would work?  

Kate: Hiding in a Hat Box

If you are struggling to figure out what's hidden in this hat box here's a hint, remember the Wizard of Oz?  Does that help?  For some reason my sister over the course of several years gave me many gifts related to those flying monkeys of Oz, including a desk sign that said "I have flying monkeys and I'm not afraid to use them". What that was all about, I have no idea. So not only is the flying monkey hidden, so is the motivation behind the gift. (To be honest I'm not sure I want to know why my dear sister decided I had a thing for this part of the movie). 

My Guy went a completely different direction.  

My Guy: Hidden in Plain Sight

Even with all the foliage gone, this nest is hard to see as it blends so well with bare branches.  Not sure which bird used this nest that's in the rose bushes in front of the house. We've had both a cardinal and a brown thrasher raise a broad in those bushes.  

I wasn't sure Grad Girl was going to have time to get in a post, but she came through with a cute photo. 

Grad Girl: Cat Tails

Queenie has a silver crinkle toy that she adores and chases it all over the apartment. I'm pretty sure that's what she's looking for under the couch. So a hidden toy and partially hidden kitty, Grad Girl nailed the subject matter again.  

This week's challenge may mean a shopping expedition as I'm not sure we have anything around the house that fits the bill. 

Next Saturday will be Christmas Eve, so I'm not sure if I'll post next week or if we'll skip a week of the photo challenge.  I'm going to try to post, but it will depend heavily on how prepared I am for the holiday.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/13/2022

December will be half over on Thursday.  I'm ready for a clean start in 2023, but am definitely not ready for the holiday that happens between now and then. I've written in previous posts that my holiday spirit seems to have gone into hiding this year. I'm still adjusting to the new normal I guess. Hopefully it will get a good boost when Grad Girl comes home next week. 

I've been keeping the weekly to do lists pretty simple. I'm just not that ambitious at the moment, my goal is to just keep making progress. I did well with last week's list. 

To Do List for 12/6/2022

1. Melodic Mystery: Work on Nov and Dec clues ✔

2. Chilhowie Mystery: Work on clues 1 and 2 

3. Rhododendron Mystery: Block B as leaders and enders 

Three check marks.  Things are moving along, which for this time of year is about all I expect.  

My schedule has been disrupted the last week with house stuff.  We had the tile guy out to look at redoing one of the showers late last week and then yesterday the roof guy out to fix the damage from one of the recent storms. I also wrapped all the family gifts yesterday. I still have My Guy's and Grad Girl's to wrap yet. I'll be spending some time with my Mom and sister this week, so I'm going to keep to a pretty simple list for this week as well. 

To Do List for 12/13/2022

1. Melodic Mystery: Work on Nov and Dec clues

The flying geese in November's clue are coming along, I should be caught up with those by the time the January clue comes out.  I've finished the quarter blocks, but still have more of the flower blocks to make.  

2. Chilhowie Mystery: Work on Clues 1, 2, 3 and 4

I've finished all the 4 patches from clue 1, but am still working the 9 patches.  I've made a start on the clue 2 blocks and have just starting cutting out the pieces for clue 3.  Bonnie's mysteries are probably a bit fast paced for me, but I still enjoy them. I'll just keep plugging along till a clue is finished.  

3. Rhododendron Mystery: Make block B as leaders and enders

Once all these triangles are stitched together, I'll have enough of the hourglass blocks to finish the last block B.  Then it will be assembly time.  

That's my list for this week.  Good luck with your stitching list for the week and your holiday prep list.  Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Stitching Stuff: Week 48 of 2022


The weeks are quickly ticking down to Christmas and very quickly after that will be the end of the year.  I'm ready for a new year, 2022 hasn't been much fun for me. I'm hoping that 2023 is much better.  I'm not ready for Christmas.  It's been a struggle to get into the holiday spirit.  Maybe because this year Grad Girl is too far away for us to meet up for holiday shopping and she wasn't home to help me put up the tree.  The year has certainly been one of change for us on a number of fronts, so maybe we should expect the holiday to be a little uncomfortable as we adjust to the new normal. 

It wasn't a bad week on the stitching front. 

  • 15 minute days/week = 5/7 days
  • 15 minute days/Dec = 7/10 days
  • 15 minute days/2022 = 189/344 days
  • Success rate = 54.94%

My Guy took Friday off so we could go Christmas shopping in Tulsa. We didn't get home till late and then yesterday we had lots of errands to run, so I didn't get any stitching time in those two days. I'm hoping for a solid afternoon of stitching today to make up for the last two days. I'm really behind on the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I've not made any of the parts in clue 3 or 4.  

How are you doing on balancing holiday prep with finding time to stitch?  

1. Gretchen
2. Julie in GA
3. maggie f
4. Karen
5. Michelle
6. DonnaleeQ
7. Andre at Quilting and Learning
8. Jennifer in Indy
9. Quilting Gail
10. Melisa- Pinker n' Punkin Quilting
11. amanda
12. Carol Andrews
13. Deb in Canada

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Week 51 Photo Challenge: Unappreciated Beautify

Weekends don't have the same meaning as they used to. Now that I'm not working, it's pretty much like most other days other than I get to have my second cup of coffee with My Guy. Which I've really learned to appreciate these last few weeks.  I think I need to get out more!  

As it is Saturday, it's time to post what we came up with for this week's photo prompt. 

This week's card takes a bit of interpretation, which for us seems to produce the most diverse subject matter.  My Guy wondered as he was picking his photo for the week if should summit the photo he normally wouldn't as maybe he isn't appreciating the beauty of it as compared to the others he took.  As I said, interpretation is a big factor for this one.  

In normal light, my subject matter isn't very pretty. But adding in the golden light of the morning sun makes all the difference. 

Kate: It's a Trick of the Light

My Guy's unappreciated beauty is all about the situation. If you are driving in the fog you might not appreciate how beautiful it can be.


My Guy: Moonrise

Another photo were the lighting was key.  My Guy is so good at capturing the light at just the right moment.  

I really like My Guy's photo, but Grad Girl probably got closer to the actual theme this week. 

Grad Girl: Experimental Beauty

The beauty of these thin layer chromatography plates is really in the eye of the scientist.  How many colors did you want to see?  I think in this case the fewer colors the better because that means what you made is purer.  

It's hard to pick a favorite this week. I enjoyed seeing what we each came up with for this week. Next week's challenge is another one where interpretation is going matter. 

Maybe a something from Christmas?  I don't think My Guy knows where I stash the presents before they get wrapped.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

To Do Tuesday For the Week of 12/6/2022

As much as I enjoy the holiday season, I really don't like the cold and dreary weather, it's very deenergizing. I'm sure my energy levels would also be better if things would quit breaking.  The latest is a leak in the drain line from the tub in the second floor bathroom.  We've sent up an appointment with the plumber.  Not sure how much of the bathroom they are going to have to deconstruct to fix the leak, but it has to be done. I may have to relocate my sewing activities as my sewing room is right next door.    

On a more positive note, last week's to do list was completed. 

To Do List for 11/29/2022

1. Melodic Mystery: Work on Clues 3 and 4 ✔

2. Chilhowie Mystery: Work on Clues 1 and 2 

3. Rhododendron Mystery: Block B as leaders and enders 

With so much stuff going on with the holidays and the house repairs, I'm going to stick with a simple list for this week as well. 

To Do List for 12/6/2022

1. Melodic Mystery: Work on Clues 3 and 4

Clue 4 is going to come together a lot faster than clue 3. I'm still working on those flying geese for that clue.  I'm hoping to be all caught up by the time the January clue comes out. 

2. Chilhowie: Work on clues 1 and 2

I finally got all the strip sets sewn together and cut apart, so there are a few 4 and 9 patch pieces completed.  I've started cutting the strips for step 2, but that's as far as I've gotten.  

3.  Rhododendron: Assemble block B as leaders and enders

This block is almost finished. Just two more left to assemble. All the parts have been cut, so all that's left is stitching them together. Hopefully, both will be done before Christmas.  

Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday.