Friday, March 3, 2023

PHD in 2023: February Update

February wasn't the best month on the stitching front. My shoulder issues sidelined me for about a week. I'm finding that there are still schedule disruptions, outside appointments, and other errands that intrude on my days.  That's OK we have stuff that needs to get done and I'm grateful that we can take care of those things now.  But it does cut into my stitching time and probably will for a bit. We delayed a lot of repair work because it was hard for us to get off work. At some point we'll get caught up on the backlog and then it shouldn't be a routine occurrence.  

All that to say there's been no change in my PHD status. 

So that's not all bad, at least there have been no new projects started in February.  Plus, there has been good progress on several projects this month.

Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter, from Addicted to Scraps) saw the construction of the first additional blocks since 2020. 

Only three blocks were added last month, but any progress is good progress. Fingers crossed I do better on that front this month. (There is an error in both layouts in the photo, but I didn't have room on the small design wall to lay it out perfectly.)

Some of the Melodic Mystery blocks (Meadow Mist Designs) have been sewn into row. 

I'm hoping to get back to this project later in March. 

The Chilhowie mystery (Bonnie Hunter 2022 mystery) is my current leader and enders project.  

More purple squares need to be cut, but other than that, the third block is ready to be constructed.  

Most of my stitching time in February has been focused on the 2023 Stay At Home Round Robin (Quilting Gail) project. 

I've not kept up, but there are pieces of each border either up on the design wall or stacked by the sewing machine.  I've really enjoyed playing along with this project. It's been fun to design a border for each prompt.  I'm ready to sign up for next year's version, but maybe not do a full sized quilt.  That takes a lot of stitching time. 

On the downer side there was no progress on Unity,  Rhododendron, Macaron Mysteries or Diatom in March.  Hopefully those will return to the rotation once the SAHRR is over.  

Linking up with Quilting Gail who seems to have a magic touch with finishing quilts. 


Rose said...

The progress you're making looks great. I wish I could make myself take pictures of the design wall as I go.

DawnyK said...

Such lovely projects! You are doing great making progress on so many. Well done! Hope you are feeling better in March!!!