Sunday, March 5, 2023

Stitching Stuff: Week 9 of 2023

This week was much better than last week.  The shoulder is healing, though I still have to watch how long I'm on the computer even with the more ergonomic set up. So long as I take breaks and stretch, sitting at the sewing machine doesn't seem to cause me any issues. The last time I had a big flair up with the shoulder, I did some research and found a new sewing table that was a lot more ergonomic than the old desk I'd been using.  It was definitely a smart move. 

My stitching week wasn't perfect. We had some appointments on Wednesday and I just didn't make it to the sewing room that day. 

  • 15 minute days/week = 6/7 days
  • 15 minute days/Feb = 25/28 days
  • 15 minute days/Mar = 3/4 days
  • 15 minute days/2023 = 55/63
  • Success rate = 87.30%

Two months into 2023 and I'm still on track with my goal to stitch at least 75% of the year. This is my 12th year of tracking my stitching time (wow, time flies!) and my average stitching time over that time period is 76.5%.  My best year was 92.9%, but that meant being being really, really focused on getting the time in.  It took some of the fun out of being in the sewing room.  I've tried to correlate my stitching time with finishes, fabric usage, etc. There is no consistent correlation.  So if I sew more days than I don't, it's good.  

How are you doing on getting in your stitching time? 


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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad to hear that your shoulder is better, Kate! I usually am able to sew every day, but with this stuff with my mom, I'm missing my sewing machine. Hopefully things will settle down soon!

Ivani said...

Less pain is a great sign that the shoulder is healing. Take care.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I am glad your shoulder is healing. I agree. It is better to sew for fun rather than make it a job that you have to clock in and out and work even when you aren't in the mood.

Susan said...

I'm glad to hear your shoulder is better. Our averages are about the same for the year, and I don't think that's a bad percentage!

Carol Andrews said...

Your stats are holding steady! Well done in spite of the shoulder. Hope the new sewing desk helps. 😉