Tuesday, February 7, 2023

To Do List for the Week of 2/6/2023

This last week seemed to go really quickly. Not sure why, maybe because My Guy was home sick a couple of days or because I actually had a day out on Friday. Coffee with friends, a spur of the moment trip to the local quilt shop and a walk in the park was a nice break from the routine. It didn't impact my stitching time, I did mostly OK on last week's To Do List.  

To Do List for 1/31/2023

1. SAHRR: Finish Border 1, start border 2 ✔

2. Wild and Goosey: Make one bright blue block 

3. Chilhowie: Continue making blocks as leaders and enders 

4. Unity: Prep top for quilting - no progress

I was still so far behind on SAHRR, that I decided to sew on Saturday and Sunday rather than prep Unity.  I'll get to it at some point, I'm having fun working on SAHRR.  Check marks on three out of four is still a pretty good week. 

I'm going to stick with a short list this week as well and focus on just a few projects for one more week.  

To Do List for 2/7/2023

1.  SAHRR (Quilting Gail): Finish border 2, start border 3. 

The Friendship star blocks are coming together.  I still have four sets of HST's to make, but they are going quickly.  The third prompt was released yesterday.  I played with multiple options in EQ8. I have a plan, I'll get going on those blocks once I finish cutting all the HSTs. Fingers crossed I can finally get caught up this week.  

2. Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter): Make one blue block.

I was happy to finally get another block finished for this project. I'm hoping to finish one block a week this month.  I'm not using pink in this project, so I'll just use last month's color for this month.  

3. Chilhowie (Bonnie Hunter): Continue making blocks as leaders and enders. 

I'm back to making hourglass blocks. Once I finish a few of these and I can start on block 3 of 9.  

4. Unity (Bonnie Hunter): Prep for quilting.  I'm hoping to have this project ready to go out for quilting before the end of the month. So I'll keep it on my to do list.  

That's my to do list for this week.  Good luck with your to do's this week.  Linking up with Quilt Schmilt: For the Love of Fabric for To Do Tuesday.  


Linda said...

You did have a good week, plus the coffee with friends and LQS trip! Hope your Guy is feeling better. That is a pretty blue block. It's good you are enjoying the SAHRR - it is fun, isn't it!

Andra Ridout said...

I need to get back to my hourglass blocks for Chilhowie as well. Doing them as Leaders and Enders is a good idea!

Bonnie said...

I like your Wild and Goosey. I hopped over to Bonnie's site but it wasn't the pattern. (Not that I need to start something new!) Would you share where the pattern comes from? I'm assuming it is something fairly small - 4" or 6"? It sure is cute though. You made nice project this week.

Michelle said...

Making progress! I really love the new blue block.

chrisknits said...

Wild and Goosey has been on my list a long time, maybe I should just start piecing some blocks to get it started. Can't wait to see your SAHRR progress.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I think it's good to play with something fun once in awhile! So glad you're enjoying the SAHRR sewing. That little Wild and Goosey block is cute!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

It's fun seeing your SAHRR progress. I hope you have a lovely week and continue to enjoy those spur of the moment breaks when they appear!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You checked off a lot of things on your to do list and have a wonderful array of projects to work on this week. Love the blues in your SAHRR and Wild And Goosey. Have a productive week.

Carol Andrews said...

Kate you really did well with your list getting that many check marks. I think the coffee, visit and walk was a necessity. You need to spoil yourself when you get a chance. I really enjoy seeing all of your project photos as they progress. I love the fabric in Wild and Goosey block and am looking forward to seeing how your plan for your SAHRR comes together. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.;)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Oh I do enjoy a good coffee with friends. (It's been too long!) Glad he's feeling better and that you had a fun week as well as a productive one. I love that blue snowflake swirl fabric!!