Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PHD in 2023: January Update

So far all we've seen from the winter storms this week was some sleet on Monday.  It's just been really cold. But I'll take that over the ice storm that's in the forecast for areas south of us. Grad Girl said that Texas A&M canceled classes for today due to the threat of winter precipitation. Stay safe everyone if you have to get out and about.  

This is my 5th year to participate in Quilting Gail's PHD (Projects Half Done). I've yet to finish my PHD, I doubt I finish it this year. Even so, it's been good motivation to keep my projects at least moving each year.  For January 2023 I've got more new starts and no finishes.  Probably not the best start to the year. 


The plan is to get Unity sent out for quilting before the end of February. The Macaron Mystery needs the backing cut before it can move forward.  There wasn't any progress on those two projects this month, but there was some progress on some of the other UFOs.  

The last block was assembled for Rhododendron (Bonnie Hunter 2021 Mystery Quilt Along). 

Rhododendron had been my leaders and enders project for pretty much most of 2022. It's been sidelined while I work on the new 2023 projects.  Once Unity and Macaron are moved along, I'll get back to this project.  

I'm finally caught up with the clues for the Melodic Mystery Quilt Along  (Meadow Mist Designs 2022 mystery quilt along).  

February's clue will come out tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing how all these bits and pieces go together.  

Chilhowie (Bonnie Hunter 2022 mystery quilt along) is my current leaders and enders project. 

I finished clues 1 and 2 before the mystery ended, but fell way behind with clue 3.  I'll be finishing blocks as the hourglass and HST components get completed.  Block 2 is almost finished.  My plan is make 9 blocks and call it good.  

I've watched other participate in the Stay at Home Round Robin (SAHRR) (Quilting Gail) for the last couple of years. It's been fun to see how everyone interprets the weekly prompts. I really didn't need any new projects, but I really wanted a project that exercised my design skills. SAHRR fits that bill perfectly. 

I'm already behind. The first week's border isn't quite finished.  The plan for the second border is decided and I've started cutting and assembling the component parts.  Hopefully I can get caught up this week.  

The second new start is Diatom (Quilting Jetgirl).  I fell in love with the all blue throw version of this quilt.  I really didn't need another new project, but I really couldn't resist.  

I was able to pull all the fabrics from my stash, so this project counts as part of my stash management strategy this year.  Block 3 comes out on Friday. Blocks 1 and 2 are finished, so I'm ready.  

No finishes yet, but I've really been enjoying the new projects.  I needed the lift after getting a bit burned out just working on UFOs in 2022.  Linking up with Quilting Gail for the January PHD report.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm not keeping track like you are but this year I am trying for more finishes of things already started - I'm not promising I won't start something new but I'm actually right now not interested in starting something new.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I am realizing myself how important it is to enjoy what I'm working on. I can tell that you are having fun with what you are making, and that really counts for a lot!

Julie in GA said...

You have been so focused on finishing up UFOs and limiting your number of new starts over the past few years. Enjoy having some fun new projects to keep you entertained, especially since you will probably have more time for quilting now.

Marti said...

Since I missed half of 2021 and all of 2022, Rhododendron is new to me and I really, really like it. I know you'll have a lot of finishes on your PhD this year. You strike me as the kind of person who makes the most of her time.

Ivani said...

I am sure you will have several beautiful finishes along 2023, Kate.
Keep those Ufo's moving.

Susie H said...

I love watching Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts come together. I'll be watching your progress. See you next month!

Sandy Panagos said...

Those blue star blocks are absolutely gorgeous!