Saturday, June 3, 2023

Week 73 Photo Challenge: An Umbrella

This is our first card from the new photo challenge deck.  

I've been struggling with allergen induced headache this week, so I pretty much completely forgot about this week's challenge.  I had a plan, but ended up taking advantage of a unexpected chance encounter. 

Kate: A Touch of the Orient

Every year our community has a music/craft festival.  We had a cold front come through early evening, so we decided to go last night and beat the heat expected today.  These parasols were offered for sale in one of the craft booths. 

My planned photo would have looked similar to what My Guy came up with. 

My Guy: Parasol


Isn't this fun? My Guy is really good at thinking outside the box when he comes up with the concepts for his photos. Doesn't always work out as planned, but this one did.  

Grad Girl has had a hectic week in the lab, so she didn't have a lot of time to contemplate her shot for the week.  So she went with what she had at the apartment. 

Grad Girl: Waiting for a Rainy Day

It rains a lot in southern Texas, so Grad Girl often has to grab this on her way out in the morning. It's a 20 minute walk from her parking garage on campus to the chem building (if you've not been there, Texas A&M is a HUGE campus), so this umbrella has seen a lot of action so far.  

So a bit of the unexpected and the expected with last week's photos. There should be some interesting photos from this week's challenge card. 

Grad Girl said she had some ideas.  My Guy and I may have to work hard this week to not take the same image, graffiti isn't easy to find in a small town.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

allergies were awful here yesterday and I think it is more of the same today - allergy pills needed and allergy eye drops I can tell already and I've only been up for an hour and ready to get the eye drops.

Chris said...

I love your photo challenges. Makes me want to get out more with my camera. But, alas, I cannot find the battery charger and both batteries are dead.

Sara said...

Oh - umbrellas were fun. I love your photo! Graffiti would be tough here too!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That was just serendipity that you came across the parasols at the festival! They're fun! So is My Guy's photo. Grad Girl's shows how an umbrella can both be pretty and necessary. Glad you've got new challenge ideas!

Donna said...

Love your photo. Not something you see every day.

Barbara said...

Wonderful shots, as always. My mind went to those little paper umbrellas that come in cocktails. Your photo is something like that. You could always create your own graffiti…or maybe not.

Linda said...

Those parasols are so pretty! I'm selfishly glad you kept going with a new challenge. :D

Jennifer said...

Fun pictures- love the Lego person with the flower umbrella!