Tuesday, September 27, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 9/27/2022

It's been months since I last did a To Do Tuesday post and linked up with Texas Quilt Gal.  Getting back to the sewing room for my 15 minutes a day is still a struggle for me. I'm out of the habit and it's just so easy to get side tracked with other things at the moment. Hopefully writing down a few To Do's will be a good motivator.  

To Do List for 9/27/2022

1.  Finish 2 grocery bags

Grad Girl's move to Texas back in August left her short a grocery bag as she used to shop with her roommate. I made them cloth grocery bags as gifts for Easter a couple of years ago.  Now her roommate was short one too.  So Grad Girl asked if I would make her a new one and one for her two roommates that are still in grad school in Stillwater.  My Guy has also been asking for cloth grocery bags as the plastic ones pile up and it's not easy to recycle them here.  So I pulled enough fabric combinations to make 6 bags.  The bags aren't just a pile of fabrics at this point, two just require final assembly.  The plan is to get those done this week.  

2. Pull fabrics for Meadow Mist Designs Melodic Mystery.

I'm hoping that starting a new project will help me get more enthused about being in the sewing room.  I've not started a new project since last November.  

3.  Finish backing for Unity

I have one backing panel cut, but still need one more large panel, plus a 10" strip to finish the backing.  

Even if I don't finish everything on the list, any progress will be good.  

Happy stitching and good luck with your To Do List.  


  1. I am so happy to read your posts again. I miss you Kate.
    Good luck with your list for this week.

  2. yes - any forward progress is good. I'll be your sewing mojo will return. The grocery bags are a great thing to start with - quick and easy to make. Luckily our closest grocery store has a bin in the entryway to drop off recycled plastic bags.

  3. That sounds like a great list and way to ease back into consistency. Having a new project tends to always entice me back, too.

  4. Great list
    what is your favorite grocery bag pattern? in January we will have no choice but to use them

  5. So good to see you back and making lists! I bet you'll make some progress this week. I like that stack of fabrics for the shopping bags!

  6. Your grocery bags look like they will be fun to use because they're so pretty! I should be making some for us, too. Have fun with your new start!

  7. Welcome back. A fun pile of fabrics is a great start! I had to go check out the mystery quilt (I cheated and looked ahead, too--that's kind of my rule when it comes to QALs). I REALLY don't have time for it but I printed it and just might...! Either way, I'll be watching yours grow!

  8. Having a break from blogging, well social media, is never a bad thing! Glad you’re back, and with a fun plan!


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