Tuesday, May 19, 2020

To Do List for 05/19/2020

This is my second week back at the office.  The company did a phased in approach to bringing everyone back, this week all but people with child care issues or those with health complications are back in the office.  It's almost back to normal, except for the face masks and the requirement for virtual meetings.  

Wish I could say my stitching time was normal last week. It wasn't and progress on the the To Do list suffered.  

To Do List for 05/12/2020
Mosaic Mystery:  Prep top for quilting
Frolic: Make 1 light blue block - progress
Unity: Finish step 2 - progress
Face masks: make 3 - no progress

Only one check mark, but there was progress on two of the other projects. Even better the check mark was on the project that's closest to being a finished quilt.  So last week was successful even though I didn't get a lot done.  Here's the list for this week. 

To Do List for 05/19/2020

Mosaic Mystery: Package and mail 

I found a box that will work last night. Now I just need to finish packing it up and then get it to the post office.  That will finish up my May One Monthly Goal.  

Frolic: Make 1 light blue block

The black squares got cut last week and the blue/light blue HSTs were sewn together last week. Hopefully I can finish this one off in short order. Then there is just one more block to sew together before finishing assembling the top.  It would be nice to finish Frolic before the next Bonnie Hunter mystery this winter. 

Unity: Finish Step 2

Unity, 2020 Bonnie Hunter Sew-In-Place Quilt Along

All the flying geese needed for the last pieced border in step 2 are made and I've started sewing those into strips.  The square in a square blocks still need to be finished before I can add those last border strips.  My slow progress on step 2 doesn't bode well for finishing this project off anytime soon.  Oh well, it's been fun to play with something new.

Storm at Sea: Add 2" white border

Storm at Sea
Paper Piecing Class by Carrie Randell (Quilter's Hideaway)

That's the border shown in grey in the EQ diagram. I probably also need to find the extra wide backing fabric for this project and get it washed so it's ready to go.  Just four borders left on this project, but borders always take so much longer than you think.  

That's my list for this week.  Linking up with Home Sewn by Us for Tuesday To Do.  Good luck with your weekly to do list.    


  1. I like the design you show! Looks great to me. It sounds like the office is taking a sensible approach to opening hope it all goes well

  2. One more thing to add to your To Do list, Kate... Email me with your address. You won my Blog Hop prize drawing!!

  3. Lovely projects. Yes those borders take a bit but any extra time put into them always pay off. More and more I'm loving the more intricate borders. I just need to have the patience to do them. I think I just need to get into my head that they are still part of the quilt, not the "finishing-up".

  4. Hope you're feeling comfortable at work, and things are getting done the way they need to. My son has liked the virtual meetings so much at his workplace (with multiple office locations) that he asked his boss to continue them even when they weren't needed anymore! Hooray for getting Mosaic Mystery sent off to the quilter!

  5. You know, given you are transitioning back to work and by that, charting some new territory, I'd say you did okay this week on your sewing goals. I'm amazed at how stressful all this stuff is while it doesn't always feel stressful. It tires our bodies out. Glad you have some fun quilt projects you are working on. I've not made any progress on my Storm at Sea, so I'm enjoying seeing your progress. Here's hoping you enjoy some happy sewing this week!

  6. Hi,
    Beautiful Flying Geese Quilt...I had a bad
    week too...have a great day!

  7. I like how your Unity quilt is coming along--great color combos in it!! and another quilt ready to go to a quilter how good is that feeling--you are making progress so be good to yourself!
    luv, di

  8. I really like the sew in place quilt. Our head office wants us to get a infrared thermometer for the office and a hand sanitisers and wipes. Face masks aren't a thing really that the government has encouraged down here. They are not really worried about our office, neither of us use public transport and there have been any cases for 20 plus days and the borders are still shut. Eastern states still have active cases so that is more the issue.

  9. Good morning, Kate! Great job on finding a box for Mosaic and for getting it all prepped for mailing out. Adding borders is my least favorite part of constructing a quilt top. My limit is usually two unless it's a queen-size or larger quilt. Good luck on this week's list and thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Glad that work is mostly back to normal and great job getting the quilt packed up and ready to go!


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