Saturday, August 4, 2012

Foto Finish - Watery

As much as I like summer, I'm not a fan of August in Oklahoma.  It's typically our hottest month and that's proving to be the case this year.  Oklahoma's temperatures made the national news as it hit 113 F in Oklahoma City for the first time since the dust bowl.  Just walking from the building to the car after work is enough to drench one in sweat.  Many at work have been talking about how ready they are to get to Labor Day.  You'd expect that since it's our next 3 day holiday weekend, but it's also when the summer heat typically breaks and we get noticeably cooler temps.  Hopefully we don't have 4 more weeks of 100 plus temps and we'll get some relief before then. 

Unfortunately it's so hot, even going to the lake or the pool isn't really fun.  Drama Teen volunteers at the local summer camp program and during their afternoon excursion to the pool on Monday, she almost passed out due to overheating.  She's fine, they got her cool and hydrated pretty quickly.  With that incident flitting through my mind, looking through the files for water pictures isn't doing a lot to cool me off this week.  So this week I decided to go with interesting rather than cooling.  

This shot was taken at Lake Murray last year during vacation.  The water is so clear that it doesn't really look like water, the breaks just look like imperfections imposed over the rippled sand. 

Stay cool, stay hydrated, enjoy your weekend and check out all the other wet images over at Cat Patches.   


  1. I would never know there is water there if you hadn't told us, very interesting and cool picture, thanks.

  2. Interesting, for sure. I have only been in oklahoma City and Witchita Falls in our travels. It's clear we need to explore Oklahoma some more. Growing up the daughter of a Marine, we lived on both coasts, but spent very little time in other parts of the country.

  3. Wow! That sounds unbearable. The picture is really nice -- my kind of lake, clear. Anyway, hope you can bear up with the weather. It's unseasonably cool here in Northern California -- at least at night.

  4. What a neat picture that has a calming feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful partterns in the sand.


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