Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stash Report - September 25th

Our crazy schedule has hijacked my sewing time this month.  Kiddo's schedule is lighter this week, but I'm still wrestling with deadlines at work, so it may not help much.  I have been sewing just a bit, but I've already counted the yardage as out.  So my stash report is not that exciting this week. 

Used this week:  0 yards
Added this week:  0 yards

Used year to date:  47.05 yards
Added year to date:  60.25 yards

Net stashed for 2011:  13.2 yards

I have started working on a new project, but I'm still in the fabric cutting stages, so nothing to count yet.  September may turn out to be a bit of a bust, but I can hope that October will look better.  On the positive side, nothing in.  So at least I'm not loosing ground. 

Bounce over to Patchwork Times to see who is busting and who is stashing. 


  1. If I was counting this week would have been a bonanza of stash busting. More on that in my Tuesday post.

    I'm guessing you'll make up in October what you feel you didn't do in September!

  2. Hey, at least you're not adding, right?

  3. It is hard to keep a sewing routine with all of life's happenings. I can totally relate.

  4. Yep, I think October will be better for me too. Just haven't made it in to the quilting room recently.liz

  5. Any week with nothing in is a good week! I always think that I will get more done next month. Just doesn't seem to happen - I get sidetracked so easily.


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