Saturday, September 10, 2011

Foto Finish - Yellow

I've been sipping my first cup of coffee and screening images for today's Foto Finish post.  Once I've got my image for the day,  I'll open up Barbara's page to confirm I've got the right theme and then write my post.  So today's photo was selected before I saw Barbara's. 

Obviously Barbara and I have similar preferences in our choice of subjects.  These Black Eyed Susans were part of the landscaping in the park that circles Lake Chelan, our vacation destination a couple of years ago. Usually I go for a close up shot of a single flower, but these flowers just begged to be part of  group shot.

To see Barbara's sister image and other sun colored images, check out Cat Patches


  1. Oh, how funny. I was just following you around doing what you did this week. Nice shot. I like black-eyed Susans.

  2. How could you pick just one of those gorgeous flowers for a photo shoot? They all deserve to shine.

    I love the shade of yellow. It's so pretty and is another example of taking time to look at the beauty in every day stuff.

  3. How funny that you & Barbara both picked Black-Eyed Susans! Love that mass of happiness. :D


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